Unlocking Fruitfulness: A Kingdom Business Woman’s Equation

As Kingdom-minded businesswomen, we are called to a life of fruitfulness—a life that bears abundant, Kingdom-oriented fruit in every aspect. But how do we achieve this? Today, I want to introduce you to a simple yet profound equation that lies at the heart of our fruitfulness journey:

God’s Favor + Our Faithfulness = Fruitfulness.

God’s Favor

In the first part of our equation, we encounter the unmerited favor of God, which plays a pivotal role in our fruitfulness.

Favor through our Relationship with God

Our fruitfulness journey begins with placing our trust in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. Through faith, we enter into a deep and abiding relationship with God, founded on His grace and love for us. This relationship is the cornerstone of our fruitfulness, as it is from this place of intimacy that all else flows.

Favor through our Identity in Jesus Christ

In Christ, we have been given a new identity—a identity rooted in His finished work on the cross. We are forgiven, redeemed, and declared righteous in Him. Understanding and embracing this identity empowers us to walk in confidence and authority, knowing that we are dearly loved and fully accepted by God.

Favor through the Empowerment of the Holy Spirit

Upon salvation, we are sealed with the Holy Spirit, who dwells within us as a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance in Christ. The Spirit empowers us to live lives that are pleasing to God, enabling us to do His will and bear fruit that lasts. It is through the Spirit’s presence and power within us that we are able to walk in obedience and fulfill the purposes for which we were created.

Our Faithfulness

In response to God’s favor, we are called to faithful stewardship of the resources and gifts He has entrusted to us.

Honoring God with our Time

Time is a precious gift from God, and how we spend it reflects our priorities. By prioritizing time spent in His presence and in service to others, we honor Him with our most valuable resource.

Honoring God with our Talents

Just as in the parable of the talents, we are called to invest and multiply the gifts and abilities God has given us. By using our talents for His glory and the benefit of others, we participate in the advancement of His Kingdom on earth.

Honoring God with our Treasure

Our stewardship of financial resources is a reflection of our heart posture towards God. By managing our finances in a way that is aligned with His principles and generously giving back to Him and His work, we demonstrate our trust in His provision and faithfulness.


As we walk in God’s favor and faithfully steward our resources, we begin to see fruitfulness manifest in every area of our lives.

Where we live

In our communities, we become agents of transformation, impacting lives through acts of love and service, and sharing the hope of the Gospel with those around us.

Where we work

In our professional endeavors, we integrate our faith into our work, striving for excellence and integrity, and using our influence to positively impact our workplaces and spheres of influence.

Where we play

Even in our leisure activities, we find opportunities for Kingdom impact, using our hobbies and interests as avenues for building relationships and sharing the love of Christ with others.

Final Thoughts on Unlocking Fruitfulness

As Kingdom Business Women, let us embrace the equation of God’s Favor + Our Faithfulness = Fruitfulness as the blueprint for our lives and businesses.

May we continually rely on God’s unmerited favor, walk in faithful stewardship of all He has entrusted to us, and bear abundant fruit that brings glory to His name.

As we abide in Him and His Word, we can be confident that He will continue to produce fruit in and through us, for His purposes and His Kingdom.

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